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Hope and Despair in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is now entering its sixth month of protests, chaos in the streets and vicious police crackdowns. What began as a revolt against an extradition bill that would have allowed people to be plucked from the island to face justice in the mainland’s authoritarian legal system, has now become a massive and volatile social uprising. Will the movement for full universal suffrage be answered by Beijing, will the local government unravel under public pressure, and what role does Hong Kong and its sovereignty play in the emerging political landscape surrounding so called Greater China?

Click to listen to part 1: we speak with writer and activist Wilfred Chan of the Lausan Collective about the protest movement and the Hong Kong diaspora.


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Labor and the Hong Kong Protests

Although labor has not been at the forefront of the current wave of protests, throughout the uprising, there have been pockets of labor unrest, including general strike last summer, and strong undercurrent of class tension threads through the mass mobilization in the streets.

We speak with L.H. Au of Workercom, and Wong Yu-loy, Organising Coordinator of the Hong Kong Confederation of Trade Unions about the role that organized labor plays in Hong Kong’s current political landscape.

A version of this segment originally aired on Dissent Magazine's Belabored podcast.


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Hong Kong's Invisible "Helpers"

Hong Kong’s migrant domestic workers, known as “helpers” are ubiquitous,yet politically invisible. An emblem of every proper middle class home, they do the work that enables Hong Kong’s neoliberal economy to flourish, but often at the cost of their personal autonomy and their basic human rights.

We speak with Joanna Bowers, the creator of the documentary The Helper, which explores the experiences of Hong Kong’s migrant underclass.


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