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Post-Election, Unscripted

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Post-Elections, Unscripted

On November 8, 2016, the United States elected Donald Trump; a man who has been referenced as a “demagogue,” “fascist,” “con-man,” “business man,” “white supremacist,” “misogynist;” a man has brought political power to dangerous rhetoric he spewed during throughout the Presidential campaign-- condoning his own words and actions about “grabbing pussy” and allegations of sexual assault, disparaging persons with disabilities, encouraging the building of a wall to keep Mexicans out, and expressing blatant xenophobic and Islamophobic remarks to enforce the mythological narrative of "Making America Great." In a surprise and unexpected win, Trump's hateful speech throughout the campaign trail now raises dangerous policy and survival implications to immigrants, to women, to those living with disability, the list goes on.

From personal experiences as Asian Pacific Islander (API) women walking outside in New York City post-election to the re-awakened white supremacist, patriarchal, and genocidal roots of the United States, I speak to the API women of AF3IRM NYC, a grassroots transnational feminist organization in Post-Elections, Unscripted.


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