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On tonight’s show, Asia Pacific Forum speaks to Pua Case, Hawaiian Mauna Kea protector whom recently went to Standing Rock to offer solidarity to the movement to protect water and to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline; I talk with Chanel L. Porchia-Albert, the founder of Ancient Song Doula Services and lead organizer of the Decolonizing Birth Conference that was held in Brooklyn New York; and Jeff Chang discusses his most recent piece, “We ‘Gon Be Alright” with Pacific Underground.

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Mauna Kea to Standing Rock with Pua Case

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe has garnered widespread grassroots support across indigenous tribes and nations to halt the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline as it poses a significant risk to the drinking water of the tribe and threatens to destroy their burial grounds and sacred sites. Water protectors have been met with violent resistance from North Dakota state entities -- from unleashing dogs on the protectors to the purposeful blockage of key organizers from entering the camp, a media blackout, and obtaining arrest warrants for and arresting water protectors.

Pualani Case discusses the stand she has taken to protect water and land from Mauna Kea to Standing Rock.


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Decolonizing Birth with Ancient Song Doula Services

There is a nuanced reproductive justice conversation and movement that is happening on the ground within communities of color, midwives, and doulas who seek to reclaim and unearth long-standing, ancestral traditions linked to choices around birth-- when to have birth, how to have birth, in what ways to have birth, applying cultural specificity and healing practices that have long been silenced by western medical practices. I spoke to Chanel Porchia-Albert about the organization she founded, Ancient Song Doula Services, and the movement that reproductive justice advocates are spawning, nationally, to decolonize and address the unique and systemic reproductive and health injustices that many communities of color face.


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Pacific Underground Interview: We 'Gon Be Alright with Jeff Chang

Writer Jeff Chang discusses his most recent piece, “We ‘Gon Be Alright,” and the re-imagining and re-contextualizing Asia America and its relationship to the current revolutionary movements in the United States. This is a rebroadcast from a #PacificUnderground interview by Pamela K. Santos and Canaan Schlesinger.

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