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April 27, 2015

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The Purvi Patel Case and the Criminalization of Women of Color Bodies

On Monday March 30, 2015, an Indiana judge sentenced Purvi Patel to 41 years, with 20 years served in prison. While Patel maintains that she had a stillbirth and sought medical care, Patel was criminally convicted for feticide and the neglect of a dependent. Deepa Ayer discusses Patel’s case and the far-reaching implications of such convictions.

Deepa Iyer has worked with the South Asian and Asian American communities for nearly 15 years around issues that face immigrants and people of color in the United States. Iyer has been involved in community and advocacy campaigns related to the post 9/11 backlash, racial inequity, immigration reform, and linguistic and cultural access to basic benefits and services. For more information on Iyer and her work around the recent sentencing of Purvi Patel,

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#DalitHistoryMonth of Resistance

Sanghapalli Aruna, Manisha Mashaal, and Christina Thomas Dhanaraj join us from the Dalit Women’s Self-Respect Yatra and the Dalit History Month Collective.

Dalit History Month is a participatory, radical history project with the goal to share the contributions of Dalits from around the world. The project is a parallel model of scholarship to academic institutions that study Dalits without Dalits in collaborative or lead roles of research. One purpose of the project is to build on the power of the Dalit story “to change the savarna narrative” of the Dalit experience from “one solely of atrocity into one that is of our own making-- one that emphasizes Dalit assertion and resistance in the face of a history marked with violence.

The Dalit Women’s Self-Respect Yatra is the largest challenge to caste-based sexual violence in Indian history. Dalit women are caravanning across India and the world to call out “perpetrators and the Indian state for abetting through a culture of impunity of violence that impacts over 200 million Dalits today.”

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