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Photo for 'South Asian Diaspora and #BlackBrunchNYC Solidarity'
#BlackBrunchNYC, #JeNeSuisPasCharlie, and Muslim Activists in Ferguson

South Asian Diaspora and #BlackBrunchNYC Solidarity

On January 4, 2015, #BlackBrunchNYC
protestors visited several brunch establishments in New York City, NY and spent 4.5 minutes reading aloud the names of black lives lost to the hands of law enforcement. The 4.5 minutes was symbolic of the 4.5 hours that Michael Brown's body was left in the street after he was shot and killed by Ferguson Police Officer, Darren Wilson.

Sharmin Hossain will discuss her work in the anti-police brutality movement as a South Asian woman, anti-black racism and her work recently as an ally to #BlackBrunchNYC.


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#JeNeSuisPasCharlie and the politics of violence and representation

The Paris headquarters of Charlie Hebdo, a French satirical, weekly magazine was recently the target of a mass shooting. Twelve people, including several journalists and cartoonists were killed on January 7, 2015.

After the brutal attack, several hashtags began to circulate including #JeSuisCharlie. The conversation was largely centered around the right to freedom of speech and the power of journalism. Given the controversy around the racist and offensive imagery inherent in many of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, another hashtag #JeNeSuisPasCharlie began to circulate with more nuanced conversation regarding the fine line between satire and racism.

Christen A. Smith will discuss the recent social media conversation, #JeNeSuisPasCharlie, provide historical context regarding the impact of racist and offensive, 'satirical' imagery and will discuss the balance between grieving the senseless violence committed against journalists and the fine line between using the controversial Charlie Hebdo imagery as an example for freedom of speech.


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The link between Ferguson and Palestine

Preview of interview with Umar Lee and Talal Ahmed, both Muslim activists involved in the Ferguson protests , making the connections between the struggle against racialized police brutality in America and the brutality of the occupation of Palestine.

Full interview to be aired on Monday, January 26, 2015.

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"Gathering Storm" by Luis Francia

Recording of the poem, "Gathering Storm" read aloud by Luis Francia at the Asian American Writer's Workshop on October of 2014.

Luis H. Francia is a Queens based poet, journalist, and nonfiction writer who teaches at New York University. His semi-autobiographical account of growing up in the Philippines, Eye of the Fish: A Personal Archipelago, won both the 2002 PEN Open Book and the 2002 Asian American Writers literary awards. His poetry books include The Arctic Archipelago and Museum of Absences.

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