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Behind "The Umbrella Revolution"

Since September 28, thousands have gathered in the streets of Hong Kong to protest China’s rules on who can stand for election in Hong Kong in 2017. Groups of students have been gathered in Hong Kong’s Central district and then subsequently in Mong Kok, in protests that have been marked by clashes with police and alleged thugs, but also with an undeniable persistence, now nearly six weeks on. From the frontlines of Hong Kong’s Occupy Central movement, Sophia Chan an activist with the group Left 21 talks about the message that the students are trying to bring forward to China’s central government and in her words, as an injection of fresh blood into Chinese civil society.

APF’s Michelle Chen spoke with Sophia Chan about the strategy and direction of the movement when it all began back at the beginning of October.


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Typhoon Haiyan: Destruction One Year Later

On November 8, 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the province of Leyte and the eastern Visayas region of the Philippines. The scale of environmental destruction continues to be felt after the death of nearly 8,000 people. Now, one year later, thousands of residents struggle to rebuild their lives amidst death, and the loss of homes, schools, livelihood and roads. Thousands still live in tents in the city of Tacloban, the urban center in one of the most badly hit areas. An estimated 4 million people are displaced and homeless in what was already one of the Philippines’ poorest regions. The Philippine-based IBON Foundation estimates that over 900,000 families remain displaced with fewer than 6,000 receiving Philippine government aid. Diana Cabcabin speaks with Mara Ibarra, a representative of the National Alliance of Filipino Concerns ( NAFCON) on the realities faced by Typhoon Haiyan survivors, on the one year anniversary of the destructive event.

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National Actions against Police Brutality

As activists, organizers, concerned members of communities affected by police violence continue to demand justice for the deaths of people of color like Mike Brown, John Crawford, and Eric Garner at the hands of the police, the recent past few months have seen grand juries convened to determine whether to indict officers involved in the murder of these people. Ohio’s Greene County grand jury failed to indict any of the officers involved in the shooting of John Crawford, despite the surveillance video showing the young man holding a toy air rifle taken off the shelf of the Wal-Mart where he was killed. And now, the public is still waiting anxiously for grand jury decisions to indict the Ferguson police officers involved in killing Mike Brown and NYPD officers involved in using an illegal chokehold to bring Eric Garner to his death. Mass mobilizations in Ferguson, MI have caught national attention and have drawn activists and organizers from across the nation to participate in protests.

In mid-October, New York City activists and organizers recently answered Ferguson’s National Call for Action, as they stood in the streets alongside the people of Ferguson resisting police violence and demanding justice for Mike Brown. We bring you a conversation with NYC activist-organizers who brought back lessons to share from Ferguson. We also will discuss how New York City is preparing to respond to the Staten Island grand jury’s verdict on the Eric Garner case.

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