Shows: September 29, 2014

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Climate Justice Special

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Frontlines of the Environmental Struggle

A couple of days before the Sunday September 21st People's Climate March, local anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist activists joined representatives of indigenous communities and frontline communities most impacted by the climate crisis to shift the focus of climate justice to the struggle against monopoly capitalism and global imperialism. At this event (entitled, “Frontlines of Struggle: Climate Crisis, Plunder, State Violence and Human Rights”), speakers posed questions about how climate change and environmental degradation are not mutually exclusive to the negative impacts of capitalism and imperialism on developing countries. Ultimately, the climate crisis is an issue of poverty affecting the global South and many disenfranchised communities in the global North. It is an issue of unwanted military interventions and occupations by state powers that have strong ties with profit-seeking multi-national corporations, which have seized and privatized much of the earth’s natural resources. Therefore, according to those in the frontline struggles and those who are in solidarity, the climate crisis is an issue of human rights.

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Anti-Imperialist Contingent at the People's Climate March

We bring you coverage of the People's Climate March held on Sunday, September 21st. This coverage features voices of activists and organizers participating as a part of the anti-imperialist contingent. We hear speeches and chants made by the people of such organizations and coalitions as ILPS, Audre Lorde Project, Asia Pacific Not 4 Sale, and RSCC.

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API voices at the People's Climate March

During the People's Climate March, APF had the chance to speak with a few people visiting from outside New York and the U.S. to discuss what the specific concerns of the environmental crisis are to be. We met with Bay Area organizer Diana Cabcabin from Women for Genuine Security, who allowed us to listen in on her interview with Paul Quintos of IBON International. Diana and Paul discuss the impacts of environmental degradation in the Philippines caused by numerous factors, including increased urbanization, so-called “natural” disasters like Typhoon Haiyan, and the on-going presence of U.S. militarism.

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