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Photo for 'Who Made Your Shirt? Workers Rising in Bangladesh and Cambodia'
International Labor Rights Forum

Who Made Your Shirt? Workers Rising in Bangladesh and Cambodia

It's fashion season, and this season's designs are flooding into Fifth Avenue, waiting to be snatched up by frenzied consumers. But few will pause to think about who made their designer apparel and under what circumstances. Last week, APF's Michelle Chen attended a panel discussion of labor advocates that sought to connect the dots between the clothing on the racks and the sweatshops in far flung factories in Asia that produce these garments for pennies an hour.

At the headquarters of Service Employees International Union 32BJ, representatives of the SEIU union, which organizes service workers in the US, and of Bangladesh's nascent labor movement, along with the International Labor Rights Forum, and the New York State comptroller, gathered to discuss strategies for empowering some of the poorest workers in the world, through grassroots organizing and consumer activism.

The participants on the panel were Kalpona Akter, head of the Bangladesh Center for Worker Solidarity, Judy Gearhardt, Executive Director of the International Labor Rights Forum, and Jeff Hermanson, Director of Global Strategies for Workers United and SEIU.

To get involved, check out the Bangladesh Accord website and the upcoming international day of solidarity with Cambodian garment workers on September 17.


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