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NYC for Palestine!

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As the latest attacks by the Israeli state on the Palestinian people of Gaza continue in this month of July 2014, supporters of the Palestinian struggle for freedom from the oppressive apartheid state of Israel have taken to the streets to demonstrate all over the world. In New York, we’ve seen many protests, rallies, marches throughout the past several weeks in honor of so many who have died from Israeli bombings, as well as in solidarity with the Palestinian people who are continuing to fight for peace, freedom and self-determination. APF covered the July 15th protest and we bring you speeches made by groups and individuals calling for the end to the latest attacks by the Israeli military, the end to Israeli occupation of Palestine, and the end to U.S. support of Israel.

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Understanding the UN Commission of Inquiry Report on North Korea

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The human rights discourse that has been used against North Korea by the UN and the U.S. is clear evidence that after 61 years of the armistice on the Korean Peninsula, there is no peace and no end to the Korean War. Local community organization Nodutdol for Korean Community Development has been thinking about critical ways of re-framing the human rights discourse regarding the DPRK. In April of this year 2014, Betsy Yoon of Nodutdol gave a talk analyzing the United Nations' Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) report and calling for a more critical discussion on how the human rights discourse has been used as a political tool in what is still a state of war on the Korean Peninsula.

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