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Stories of Trafficking and the Movement in the US

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On May 10th, community advocates, politicians, church groups and community members gathered in Queens for a summit on human trafficking in Queens, New York. The summit, Communities Mobilizing Against Modern Day Slavery, centered around the economic and policy climate that allows traffickers to prey on Filipino professionals seeking a better life in the US. Since 2003, several teachers from the Philippines, have been promised better teaching jobs and wages. However, after paying thousands of dollars to the recruiting agency, Instead of working in schools, many of these women- who range in age from their mid 20s to 60s, found themselves working long hours for little to no wage as maids or as caregivers to people living with disabilities and the elderly. We hear from survivors of labor trafficking who have organized with Gabriela USA in Washington DC and look at the recent controversy generated by allegations that part of Cambodian anti-trafficking advocate’s Somaly Mam’s story are untrue.

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Okinawans' Fight against the US Military Bases in Japan Continues

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Seventy years after World War II, the island of Okinawa in Japan continues to be occupied by the U.S. military with marine bases that are posing threats to the safety, health, and life of the Okinawan people, as well as the environment. The U.S. and Japanese governments are working to build yet another marine airbase, despite the strong opposition made up of the majority of people living in Okinawa. However, the struggle to challenge the U.S. military presence lives on as people like Mayor Susumu Inamine of Nago City pushes to prevent anymore new bases from being built on the island. The mayor of Nago City, which is a site of a planned base construction, was first elected in 2010 and re-elected this past January of 2014. Mayor Inamine has been committed to his platform of opposing new military bases, and that has helped him to elected for the two terms. As the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station in Ginowan City faces closure, there have been attempts by the U.S. and Japanese governments to transfer the base to Henoko, a district of Nago City, where Mayor Inamine is fighting to keep this from happening.

In mid-May of this year 2014, Mayor Inamine made a visit to the United States to lobby against the construction of new military marine bases, as well as to raise awareness about the issues and rally more support from the people of the American public. APF’s own Hyun Lee and Mijounga Chang had the chance to talk with Mayor Inamine last month, on May 17th.

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Asia Pacific American Heritage Month Wrap Up

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May 30th saw the inception of a local Poetry and Open Mic Series called “Shut-up for What?” In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage month, local poets, artists, musicians, performers gathered together to share their creative pieces of poetry, comedy, spoken word, and music at the Mountain Province Espresso Bar in Brooklyn.

Some of the poets and artists featured at this event include, Karen Joy Pangantihon, Andre Ignacio Dimapilis, Renee Rises, Chauncey Velasco, Marissa Dooley.

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