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The Other Side of the Mountain

During the Korean War, a young North Korean nurse saves a wounded South Korean soldier who has been left behind during battle, and the two eventually fall in love. The two lovers are separated by war and national division, and the young man spends the rest of his life trying to reunite with his lover. That's the story of "The Other Side of the Mountain" - the first North Korean film ever made by a U.S. citizen - screening at the Korean American Film Festival on Saturday, October 26. APF sat down with producer and co-director Joon Bai about his inspiration and the process of making the film.


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Librarians and Archivists in Palestine!

In June 2013, a delegation of librarians, archivists, and other library workers traveled to Palestine to better understand how libraries and public institutions have been affected by Israeli occupation. The first delegation of its kind, this group has produced a unique analysis on the lack of access to information in Palestine and the destruction and appropriation of Palestinian culture. We are joined by delegation members Vani Natarajan and Maggie Schreiner to discuss their experiences, the sites they visited, and projects they are working on to break these barriers to access.

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