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Race in the News: A Roundup

George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the killing of Trayvon Martin sparked protests around the country over the weekend and ignited a national conversation about race and justice. Recent events, from the Supreme Court’s gutting of the Voting Rights Act to the public response to the Asiana Airlines crash, reveal the ways in which race continues to shape the lives of people of color on both personal and institutional levels. Sometimes we’re the objects of ridicule; at other times we’re feared. As we have seen, this convergence of perception and history can lead to tragic consequences. Scot Nakagawa, who writes the RaceFiles blog at the website ChangeLab, joins us to analyze race in the news and what it reveals about power and the possibilities for social change.


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From Australia to NYC: Jazz Bassist Linda Oh

Bass player Linda Oh has been described as a graceful player with a percussive touch, a composer of music that “leans forward at you,” to quote the New York Times. Born in Malaysia and raised in Western Australia, she combines multiple instruments, languages, and trainings: upright and electric bass; Mandarin and English; classical and jazz. APF’s Leyla Mei sat down with her recently to discuss family history, the jazz scene in Australia, and the challenges of leading a band as a bass player.


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Andrew Lam’s Birds of Paradise Lost

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A widow whose husband’s killer becomes a customer in her restaurant, a man who discovers he can dial his old house in Vietnam simply by picking up the phone, and a father raising his young daughter alone in a California housing project after his wife dies on the boat crossing. The characters in Andrew Lam’s new book of short stories, Birds of Paradise Lost (Red Hen Press), may have left Vietnam behind, but they are unable to escape the trauma that accompanied their departure. We bring you an encore broadcast of our recent interview with the author, a journalist, writer, and former NPR commentator—a conversation that touches on nostalgia and memory, hatred and forgiveness, and sadness and loss. Listen to the original segment here.

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