Shows: May 6, 2013

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Immigration Reform on the Horizon

Is comprehensive immigration reform finally about to become a reality? A bi-partisan group of eight Senators has brought the U.S. one step closer with the introduction of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act. The bill, over 800 pages long, aims to address the situation for the 11 million immigrants living in the U.S. without authorization, while ramping up border militarization to alleviate the fear of more illegal immigration.

This week, the Senate begins mark ups to determine which provisions will make it to the final bill. To delve into the main components of the bill and impact on those living in the U.S. without documentation, we'll be joined by Seth Freed Wessler, reporter at We'll also hear from activists that attended the May 1st march in NY, where thousands came out to celebrate International Workers Day and support immigration reform.


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Spring Persian Playlist!

Iranians take spring very seriously, as the first day of spring is actually the beginning of our calender year. Norouz - or New Year - festivities are celebrated in many ways and in many countries across Asia - particularly in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, China, and India. APF has put together a Spring Persian Playlist to celebrate recent music from Iran and across the Iranian diaspora. As New York enjoys an extended spring, we hope you enjoy this soundtrack for these warm days and cool nights!


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