Shows: October 10, 2011

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Richard Aoki

Asia Pacific Forum and WBAI need your support

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Tonight, please join us for a special episode, during which we will revisit segments from our shows over the past year.

WBAI is in the middle of a membership drive, and during tonight's show we will be asking for your support to keep us on the air and keep Pacific Radio alive in New York City at this crucial time.

Asia Pacific Forum comes to you every week with underreported stories from Asia and Asian America. We archive these on our website and make them accessible at no cost to you.

If you listen to Asia Pacific Forum regularly, or if you've benefited from listening to any of our shows, we hope you will contribute any amount you see fit to keep WBAI running and ensure that Asia Pacific Forum is able to continue the work we do. We appreciate any amount you can give. Call (212) 209-2950 tonight between 9 and 10 pm. If you prefer to donate online, you can do so here. And remember to check off "Asia Pacific Forum" as the show you want to be associated with your gift.

To sweeten the pot, we are promoting some very special premiums as a thank you for donations at various levels:

  • The Howard Zinn Collection: From the Pacifica Archives, this massive collection of Howard Zinn's famous speeches and writings includes over 7 hours of audio.

  • Howard Zinn's "The Bomb": The historian and WWII veteran gives us the back-story of the making and use of the bomb as well as his deep personal reflections and political analysis.

  • Christian Parenti's "Tropic of Chaos": Extreme weather brought on by global warming is unleashing cascades of unrest and violence across the globe, from Africa to Asia to the Americas. Award-winning writer Christian Parenti reports from the front lines of this gathering social and environmental catastrophe.

And here are just a few of the many stories APF has covered this year:

This program is brought to you by Vivek Bharathan and Michelle Chen of the APF collective.

For more information on APF and our programs, or to order a CD copy of a show, please contact us via:

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fax (WBAI): (212) 747-1698
or mail: Asian Pacific Forum, WBAI 99.5 FM, 120 Wall St., 10th Fl., NY, NY 10005