Shows: December 29, 2009

Photo for 'Gina Hotta, Creator and Producer'
Photo by Danielle Nestore
Remembering Asian American Pioneers

Gina Hotta, Creator and Producer

An award-winning radio journalist and Bay Area activist, Hotta was most known for being the founder and producer of "Apex Express", a weekly radio show on KPFA-FM covering Asian Pacific Islander politics and culture. She passed away earlier this year from a heart attack while she was attending a meeting of her union. Composer and musician JON JANG, who collaborated with Hotta on both musical and political projects over the past three decades joins us to speak about her life and legacy


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Richard Aoki, Black Panther

Richard Aoki, who died on March 15, 2009, at the age of 70, was a field marshal in the Black Panther Party, and along with Panther leaders Huey Newton and Bobby Seale, wrote the Panthers’ famous 10-point platform. He was a founding member of the Asian American Political Alliance—one of the country’s first Asian American political organizations--a leader in the Third World Liberation Front Strike at UC Berkeley and a coordinator for the first Asian American Studies program at that university. We’ll remember his life with his longtime friend and comrade HARVEY DONG, as well as biographer DIANE FUJINO.

Ronald Takaki, Ethnic Studies Scholar

Earlier this year, after a long battle with multiple sclerosis, Ronald Takaki took his own life. Takaki was a prolific scholar and pioneer in the field of multi-cultural studies. He has been credited with popularizing and elevating the study of this country's multiracial past and present. Takaki was the author and editor of more than 20 books, including "Iron Cages: Race and Culture in 19th Century America" (1979) and "Strangers From a Different Shore: A History of Asian Americans" (1989) Takaki also successfully fought to establish the country's first ethnic studies program at UC Berkeley which paved the way for similar programs across the nation. Professor GARY OKIHIRO, Takaki's longtime friend and colleague joins us to explore his life's work.


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