Shows: July 28, 2009

Photo for 'China Safari: A New Book About China's Development Efforts in Africa'

California Legislature Apologizes to Chinese Immigrants

Earlier this month, the California legislature approved a bill apologizing for past unjust treatment of Chinese immigrants in California. Beginning in the mid-19th century, California passed series of laws designed to discourage further immigration from China and to restrict the civil liberties of those already in the US, including measures which levied high taxes on Chinese-owned laundromats, prohibited Chinese from owning land, and banned them from testifying against whites in court. The bill, known as Assembly Concurrent Resolution 42, acknowledges and takes responsibility for the state’s discriminatory past. We will speak with Assemblymember PAUL FONG, who introduced the bill, about California’s checkered history and his plans to take the issue to Congress to attain an apology for the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act.

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Expansion of ICE Local Immigration Enforcement

On July 10, the Department of Homeland Security announced plans to expand and revamp the 287(g) program, a program created in 1996 and implemented in 2002 that gives local law enforcement the authority to engage in immigration enforcement. Immigrant rights organizations and advocates across the country oppose 287(g) and other ICE enforcement programs citing that the program creates a climate of racial profiling and community insecurity. The Obama administration has also dedicated $195 million to expand another ICE enforcement program called Secure Communities, which brings ICE into local jails. We will talk to BENITA JAIN of the Immigrant Defense Project in New York City about the expansion of ICE policies and programs and what it means for immigrant communities.

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China Safari: A New Book About China's Development Efforts in Africa

China's economic practices in Africa has provoked much debate. Some see it as a positive development in comparison to the problematic result of Western countries' involvement in the region. Others criticize China for its exploitation of African countries and resources resulting in racism, harm to the African eco-system and unfair business practices. Authors, Serge Michel and Michel Beuret spent two-years on the ground in Africa to report on the nature of China's business practices there before writing China Safari. The book is supplemented by the photography of Paolo Woods, which attempts to capture China's relationship to Africa. SERGE MICHEL and PAOLO WOODS join us tonight to discuss the book.

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