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M. F. Husain Memorial Meeting

June 30, 2011
Dear Friends,

All of us at Aicon Gallery would like to pay tribute to M. F. Husain, one of India’s greatest artists, who passed away this past week in London. We are organizing a memorial meeting at the gallery on Thursday, June 30th, between 6 and 8 pm. Daniel Herwitz, son of Chester and Davida Herwitz, a professor of philosophy at UMich, a scholar of Indian art and a long-time friend of Husain, has agreed to come to NY to attend the memorial meeting and say a few words. We are hoping the Aicon memorial will be an intimate affair where we can exchange stories and remember Husain in our own ways.

We sincerely hope you’ll be able to join us to pay tribute to a wonderful friend, collaborator and inspiration to us all.

Aicon Gallery

Aicon Gallery
35 Great Jones St.
New York, NY